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September 2006

Dementia: As I Sit Blogging...

Blogging about blogging. I've read about that, but I find it interesting to be doing it. I blog for twice a week. As I was formulating, in my mind, the blogs for next week, I actually came up with blogs for four weeks. About dementia.

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When We Are Both

So many caregivers are seniors. People are living longer. Some are healthy and active, but others are alive because of modern medicine, yet they have developed physical or mental problems from strokes, Alzheimer's disease,  arthritis and other maladies that cause them to need extra care. Spousal caregivers come to mind as examples of both - we are caregivers and seniors.

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All Kinds of Dementia

The thought process today has been on all the types of dementia - likely because I am planning my blogs for I recently reviewed two books, that I'll talk about here, in future blogs. One man's dad had Alzheimer's disease and the other one's mother had multi-infarct dementia.

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Caregiving Expert - Blogging Newbie

Welcome readers. Travel with me as I get my feet wet in personal blogging. I am used to tech support with my column, Minding Our Elders, and with my pro blog on My Web site, is supported by a real pro, Michelle Jakubiak at Here, I'm on my own.

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