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November 2006

More On Employees Needing Help With Elder Care

Inside Indiana Business has an article of note on employers and employees working together on elder care issues. Written by Theresa Bayt, MD, Vice President of Services - Quality and Chief Medicial Officer, My Health Care Manager, it is titled "Caregivers For Adults Require Care Too." The article  begins:

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Employers Assisting In Caregiving Efforts

In the Novemeber 19, 2006 U.S. News &World Report posting you'll find an article by Deborah Kotz on the improvement in cooperation by employers when it comes to elder care.

Titled "Need Help? Ask Your Employer," Kotz tells of welcome news - that more employers are helping their employees with the daunting task of working full-time and caring for an elder's needs. The article begins:

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Time To Examine Medicare Drug Coverage

USA TODAY published an Associated Press article title "Seniors and disabled can take another look at their drug coverage" that some of you may want to look at. It is now time to review Medicare D signups and see if the medications for your loved one (and/or you) are still covered or if a different plan is better. It's still confusing - but, yes it's time to take another look. You can read the USA TODAY article for more information.

USA TODAY Article: Counseling Keeps Alzheimer's Patient's Home

Kathleen Fackelmann, of  USA TODAY  writes that "Family caregivers of Alzheimer's patients who received intensive counseling reduced their stress levels and delayed the need for nursing home care for their loved ones, a study reports today."

This only makes sense. When a caregiver learns more about the disease, and truly understands how to manage their loved one's  illness, as well how to deal with their own stress, it's bound to help.Check out this excellent article.