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February 2007

University of Oregon Student's Site Is Corrected

We had a great group for Minnesota State University Moorhead's PRSSA promotion of familycaregiving101. I enjoyed speaking, as always, and made some new friends. One young man from a MSUM group told me that what he's learned doing this project will stay with him all of his life. I believe it.

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Green House Project Dream For Elder Care

Lori Deschene, of GilbertGuide, has commented on one of my posts. I went to the post she suggested on the Green House Project and was blown away. This is a dream! Our "culture clash" between older seniors who want more traditional settings and younger seniors who want gyms and coffee bars (and, perhaps, different music???), is going to become a very large issue for facilities. Lori's post tells what the Green House Project is. I'm so excited I can hardly type - oh, that's normal for me - well, I'm excited. Please take time to read Lori's Post titled "The Green House Project: Not Just a Home—YOUR Home." It begins:

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University of Oregon Students In On Family Caregiving

I've been working with local Minnesota State University Moorhead students on their caregiving contest. I spoke to a nice group of caregivers, last evening, due to their efforts. These students did an amazing job of gathering together caregivers and getting publicity (even television) for it. I applaud their efforts.

Fellow students, from the University of Oregon, have noted my caregiving site and asked if I could publicize their efforts, as well. I'm happy to do that. I'm thrilled to see young people spreading the word to caregivers that help is available. I do believe the students are learning more than PR.

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Culture Clash Between "Young" Elders and Older Folks

Something I hadn't given a lot of thought about - but should - has been well addressed by cnn.com. In "Culture clashes when old moves in with older." Aging boomers have different ideas about what they want in a facility than the older generation, many of whom are still fairly active into their 90s.

"Culture Clashes" looks into this problem. It begins:

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CBS Sandwich Generation Story

Television news seems to be getting it. I was shrugged off for so many years (decades) as I tried to push the importance of emerging elder care issues. People were bored with these tales of woe.  I cared for seven elders for over two decades, wrote a book chronicling my experiences and the experiences of 20 other family caregivers. Now the issue is everywhere, even TV.

Cbs3.com has, on their site, "Boomers Caught In Caregiving Squeeze." it's a good read.

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Must Read Article on Elder Abuse

The Ottawa Sun News published an article written by Michael Harris titled, "Elder abuse sickening." What was done here is sickening. It's horrifying! I spent 15 years visiting a nursing home nearly each day. If I would ever have seen anything like this I would have screamed bloody murder. This is a compelling article. Please read it.

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Another Option For Preserving Precious Family History

A group called the Association of Personal Historians  has, as its primary mission, the goal of helping people perserve their life stories.  There are two members of this group here in North Dakota.  Sherri Huett has The Memory Preserve  in Bismarck, ND and Barb Pates has Yellow-Brick Productions , in Fargo, ND.

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Article Has Fresh Take On Living Our Senior Years

Many of us have totally arranged our lives around caring for our elders. I spent two decades caring for seven elders. I do not regret it. I should have taken care of myself better, but that is another subject for another time.

An excellent article by Thadeus Greenson  of The Times -Standard titled "Finding a Better Way," talks of people finding ways to live their senior years in arrangements that will adapt for their increasing needs.

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Another Group of MSUM Students Promote Caring to the Caregiver

Another - competing - group of Minnesota State University Moorhead Students is hard a work promoting elder care and the care of the caregiver. This group has managed to get "care baskets" to 100 caregivers through the parish nurse program.

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