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May 2007

Do I Have Bats In The Bellfry Or Am I Just Squirrely?

Go ahead. Take a guess. Many would say both! Actually, this post is entirely off topic, but I just had to get it out. Some critters have drilled a perfectly round circle in the cedar siding on my house and they've moved into my attic. Eeew! I have no problem with critters. In fact I like them. And I love my trees, which attracts critters.

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50 Plus Web Site Eons Releases State of Longevity Report

Eons.com is not only fun, but it's informative. A site dedicated to those 50 and over, they are always looking out for their demographic.  The have now released data from their Longevity Calculator (see release below)." Also, look below for links to the study and the calculator.

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Respecting the Wishes of the Dying

Dave Pollard of "How To Save the World" has a must-read post titled "What a Dying Person Wants."
Pollard illustrates the need to make our wishes known early and thoroughly, so, should we become unable to speak for ourselves, we have people in place who have no doubt about what we want.

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Wheelchair Exercise - Ask and Minding Our Elders Will Research!

I received a comment on the blog (very nice, thank you), in which the writer asked about wheelchair exercise. I told the writer that I would look into it. I found many sites, but a lot of them are more about sales than about information. There's nothing wrong with selling things - we all have to eat (see my book on the right?) - but I do believe in giving people what they are looking for, which is usually information.

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Sen. Klobuchar "gets it" with elder care

I'm proud to mention Sen. Amy Klobuchar in this space (I'm from the state next door - North Dakota). Sen. Klobuchar is from MInnesota. The Star Tribune ran a story titled, "Is elder care now what child care was in the 1970s?" in which Klobuchar is quoted as saying, "...an issue affecting growing numbers of working families who either have no good options or don't know what help is out there for them."

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Dementia Boot Camp - Part I

I recently went through some training required of the staff of one of the facilities in my area. They call it "Dementia Boot Camp."  It's aptly named. This was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had in such a relatively short period of time. A person could go to all of the presentations offered (I've been to many, and presented at many others). Nothing I've learned, in any other manner, can compare to what I learned by physically going through this training.

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