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June 2007

Faith In Action: Volunteers Help Caregivers and Elders

During these last few years as a columnist and speaker, I've found myself running into knots of wonderful people who provide great service to our elders and caregivers. Called Faith In Action, each of these groups seem to provide a little different type of service. I've had a hard time getting a handle on putting the word out on a national level - until now.

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Role Reversal: ABC News and USA Today

Every time I hear "Role Reversal" I'm taken back to the original title for Minding Our Elders. I had that as a working title and decided that I have some issues with the use of role reversal, even though it's a quick fix/catchy title (like parenting your parents). However we live in a sound bite world, and role reversal says a lot in a few words.

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Elder Care Experts Gather for Teleseminar

"Our Aging Loved Ones," which you can learn more about by clicking on the icon along the left margin, has been a long time in coming. I believe it is worth the wait. Cindi Dawson produced the product. I was honored to be asked to participate. Cindi interviewed 12 top names in elder care and put together this product. She hopes it will help anyone wanting to plan for the inevitable day when elder care becomes part of his or her life, or help someone already involved in it.

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Should Dementia Patients Vote?

I was asked by my Our Alzhiemer's producer, Sarah Park, to comment on a New York Times piece titled “States Face Decisions on Who Is Mentally Fit to Vote." I was amazed at the passion the piece brought up from my gut, since I have coped with so much dementia, of so many types, with family members. The piece has gotten a lot of comments, so I'm passing it on to you.

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Working Caregiver Site and Blog: Good Information!

The Working Caregiver site has a new blog. The main site is full of useful information for caregivers. Many of us work full-time at "real jobs," plus work as caregivers. It's hard to keep your mind on your bread-and -butter job, while you are arranging hospice help for a loved one, or there is some emergency going on, or...just plain day to day 24/7 worry is eating you up, heart and soul. "Working Caregiver" and the Working Caregiver Blog are aimed at helping. I've added the site to my blogroll on the right. Please do check out both the main site and Carol Murak's blog. Her tribute to her father is lovely.

Elder Abuse: Stop It

Today, June 15, 2007 is the second World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Stay aware, when you have someone in a facility or with home caregivers. Most are doing a good job. Some are excellent. Some are not. An elder in a facility or at home with a caregiver is a vulnerable adult and we must watch out for their welfare.  INPEA (International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) is working toward making everyone more aware that abuse is a possibility in any setting and it must be stopped. Today is their special awareness day. Celebrate the awareness with them.Inpea_logo2007blue_sm

Logo courtesy of IPEA

Alzheimer's: What It's Like From Inside the Diagnosis

I read a touching, educational, emotional book and reviewed it for my Our Alzheimer's blog. Titled "Alzheimer's from the Inside Out," the book is Richard Taylor's chronicle of the journey into the tangled web of Alzheimer's disease. I highly recommend the book, if you are at all interested in what is likely going on inside the brain of someone with dementia.

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