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July 2007

Elder Care and Long-term Care Insurance: Shop Carefully

With new Medicaid laws in place, long-term care insurance has become a much talked about subject. Older policies had the reputation of having more holes than a sieve. Newer policies are promoted as far better buys. There are a couple of resources along the right rail of this blog that can help you check out options. However, double and triple check companies.

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Dementia and Alzheimer's: How do they know?

As many of you know, I also blog for HealthCentral's OUr Alzheimers. My posts are sometimes on Alzheimer's and/or dementia, but also cover general elder care issues. If you haven't checked in with Our Alzheimers, click on the right under "Carol's article archive," or the HealthCentral logo on my home page.

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Spotlighting Elder Care

I'm am continually amazed, these days, at the enormous visibility of elder care. I shouldn't be. The numbers are there. But during the two decades I struggled through child/eldercare issues, I was nearly invisible. "Sandwich Generation" was a term coined so late in the game that I didn't realize, until years after the fact, that it applied to me. Then I realized that, for twenty years, I had been the "filling" in the sandwich.

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Alzheimer's, a Movie, and Ostracism

Fellow blogger (at OurAlzheimers.com) Dorian Martin viewed the movie, "Away From Her," with a friend who also copes with Alzhiemer's issues. Dorian has written a couple of posts on this movie. I found them both interesting, however the post on ostracism was a painful but vivid reminder of how hard it was for my dad's friends to visit him, after he had brain surgery. The wanted to remember him as he was before that time. I totally understand that, but of course, my dad didn't. It was painful. He'd sometimes, when he was kind of lucid, mention that he hadn't seen a certain person for quite awhile. Here's Dorian's take on the ostracism in the movie.

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Man - I'm a Caregiver!

I've been getting so many questions from male caregivers lately, that I thought I'd bring an article I wrote on that topic to these pages.

"Typically, when most people think of a caregiver, they picture a woman. An elder’s care-giver? The daughter, of course. However, when I was looking for caregivers to interview for “Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories,” I kept stumbling on caregiving men. My final percentage of male to female caregivers turned out to be one in four. It was not a scientific choice; rather an aesthetic one. It worked with the rhythm of the book’s design.

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