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May 2008

Assisted Living Guide

There's a fairly new site that offers some valuable help if you are looking for senior living centers. Assisted Senior Living lets you choose a state and check up on nursing homes and assisted living centers in that area. Some states are better represented than others, but the site is growing and well worth keeping your eye on. Take a look at Assisted Senior Living, if you are curious about care centers in your state, or if you are doing long-distance caregiving. You'll find the site on the right blog rail, under resources, as well.

Nature’s Bounty Vs. Dementia- More News

I recently addressed a study that showed promise of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables reversing Alzheimer's disease. I've just picked up on another study showing essentially the same thing. Titled "Molecules in Plants May Have Beneficial Effect on Alzheimer's Disease," this report was found on newswise.com. The article cites a study led by researchers the University of South Florida and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center which was published in  Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.

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Study - How You Can Participate

Giftseajog I've written before about Prevagen to protect the brain from aging. The natural product has proven to be helpful for other health situations, as well. My son and I both take it. The Prevagen people at www.quincybioscience.com are now conducting a study. This study is for people who have never taken Prevagen.

Here's a link to my original post on Prevagen.

If you are interested, please contact the people at Quincy bioscience.com (phone 608- 233-2475). Here's what Todd Olson's e-mail to me said: " We have a 3 month "Prevagen Quality of Life" study. We will have an online survey that can easily be filled out in about 10 minutes. We will provide 3 months of free product in exchange for the participants to complete the questionnaire at required intervals (Day 0, Day 8, Day 30, Day 60, & Day 90)."

So my friends, if you are interested in this study, just go on www.quincybioscience.com or give them a call.

Caregiver Injuries: Avoid Them

My mother fell often. She out-weighed me, and she was very fragile, having had two hip replacements. Her knees needed to be replaced, as well, but she was too frail. I often had to call for help after a fall, until she went into a nursing home, as I couldn't safely get her up off the floor. Caregivers often need to learn how to lift and do many other things for those they care for. Sometimes, we can do it alone, sometimes we can't. For those who can, here, from AgingCare.com, is an excellent article by Denise Clark, titled "Preventing Injuries Among Caregivers." The article begins:

"Protecting and ensuring the safety of elders is of prime importance for home caregivers. However, many don't stop to think about protecting themselves from injury. By protecting the caregivers, we also provide a safe and secure environment for such care."

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Dementia and Travel- They Mix!

More from my favorite blogger who copes with her own dementia - the awesome Leah:

Dementia does not stop me from going on vacation-though I would not be able to function without the support of my husband.  Let me explain. We have just gotten back from a five night cruise to the western Caribbean.  In the distant past, before I married my husband, I was able to travel well by myself.  I followed schedules, found my way through the airport/plane/ship just fine.  I was able to follow directions, remember cabin numbers, etc.  The cruise last week showed me the effect dementia is having on me.

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Do You Have a Perfect or Imperfect Mother? Thoughts to Ponder

Barbara Mascio, founder of Senior Approved Services, is a talented writer, as well as a gift entrepreneur (and, literally, a clown). This article is one that I used in my own newsletter around Mother's Day last year. It's just too good to stop at that. Give yourself a treat and read this gift from Barbara.

"You are standing in front of beautiful cards filled with verses depicting the wonderful loving unselfish love of a mother and none of them quite fit. You’re wondering why the card companies can’t have a special section just for the dysfunctional family."

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