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Sunday, September 14, 2008


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I think you have a reason to worry and would suggest that you call your Adult Social Services ( for your county) and ask for a welfare check for your mother.

This sounds like abuse to me, and she is in danger. Obviously, an elder law attorney would be a good idea, but the first step is free, and that is a welfare check. They will see her situation and you will have a chance to voice your concerns.

Your mother's money is there for her care. Thank you for being such a concerned daughter. I'm directly emailing you, too, as I'd like to hear how things go.


We need some legal advice.
My mother has given my brother power-of-attorney, and he is the executor of her will. She is in the final stages of Dementia according to her doctor. She can not do much of anything for herself anymore. My brother leaves my mother on her own in his home and he deadbolts the exterior doors. She is instructed not to try to go outside. She is like a child. Even in the car; she knows how to open the door to get out, but if the door is locked she does not know how to unlock the door. The doctors have told us not to leave mother alone. Not to let her walk alone (she is weak in balance). When we try to talk to my brother about this, he gets very angry and says he does not leave mother alone and for us to but-out. My sister and I are both widows and we barely get by financially. My mother has money to care for herself; however my brother is spending it like crazy on himself. He will not discuss mother's care with us, but he complains about his responsibilities for caring for my mother. We are afraid he has spent all of mother's money. What can we do? We are only concerned for mother and that she is treated right. She does not deserve to be treated like this, even if she doesn't even know it. What does the law say about senior abuse?

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