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Squabbling Siblings a Common Problem

Dear Carol: My siblings and I have never gotten along. This has become more of an issue now that our aging parents need help. I do all the caregiving, and the strain shows. How do we resolve our differences so we can best help our parents? – Ben Dear Ben: You are definitely not alone with this issue. The first thing to do is ask yourself if you’ve honestly Read more →

Caregivers Often Suffer Unfounded Guilt

Heads around the packed room nodded as I spoke. Many listeners grabedd tissues from strategically placed boxes. The head bobbing had started in earnest after I said, "There are times during this long journey when you'll look at the suffering elder and think, ‘Why can't you just die quickly?'" Read more →

Study Shows Caffeine Reverses Alzheimer’s in Rats

Over thirty years ago, when I was pregnant with my first son, there were dire warnings for pregnant women to avoid caffeine. Coffee was particularly a "no no." I was told my children could be born with multiple sets of fingers if I indulged in caffeinated beverages, particularly coffee. Read more →

Elder Parent Care Can Bring Out the Worst in Siblings

For some families, siblings who never got along as kids and have had little to do with each other as adults being thrown together to make touchy decisions is disastrous. For most families, the journey through the mine of elder care decisions falls somewhere between the two extremes. Read more →