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November 2009

Personal Alarms Offer Indepence for Seniors and Assurance for Families

Dear Carol: My dad still lives in his own home and does quite well. However, I find myself continually worrying about him falling or something else happening. He says he doesn’t want to move to assisted living, but I want him safe. What do I do? Ginny

Dear Ginny: If your dad is doing well, why not give him more time? You can tour assisted living centers meanwhile, with an eye toward the future. An idea for now would be a compromise. Tell him you won’t nag about assisted living if

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Thanksgiving and Alzheimer's Disease? Watch This Video

If you are looking for a Christmas present for someone who loves a person with Alzheimer's disease or works with people with dementia, watch this video. It's a clue.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.


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Caregivers Need to Maintain Their Social Life

Sometimes it's just easier to stay home. I'll admit I have these thoughts more often than most people, as I don't have a very social personality. However, when it comes to caregivers, it's often undeniably true - it easier to stay home. When you are caring for someone, whether it's in your home or getting help from assisted living or a nursing home, going out either by yourself or with your loved one can be stressful.

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“Walking You Home” Program Underscores Dignity of Life Cycle

Dear Readers:  I received in the mail my monthly newsletter from Rosewood on Broadway. As I read Staci Kouba’s article on the Walking You Home program, warm tears washed the late day fog from my eyes.


During the death process,


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Help Yourself Avoid Holiday Depression By Allowing Guilt Free Imperfection

The holiday season is upon us. How on earth, as we care for elders with dementia, children of many ages with great expectations, multiple housing arrangements and the outside pressures of holiday "cheer," do we cope? My parents were, at one time, great celebrators of Christmas. My kids loved going to their home for Christmas Eve. After Dad's brain surgery ended with him deep into dementia, we had to spread our time out, as Dad was in a nursing home, totally changed, and Mom was still in her apartment. During that time,

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How Do People Pay for In-home Care?

Dear Carol: My mom needs more help than I can provide. I’d like to get someone to go into her home for a few hours a day, but I don’t know how to pay for this. Linda

Dear Linda: In-home care agencies are a good way to find flexible care for people like your mom. I chatted with Gail Agnes of Comfort Keepers, one national in-home care agency, and she offered to answer your question. “In-home care agencies have been around for several years, yet families often don’t

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“I Still Do” Offers Powerful Insight Into Alzheimer’s Through Art

ISTilldo During the last few years there has been an explosion of books on Alzheimer's disease. Some are "how-to" books with specific advice on coping with the many difficulties of the disease. Many are medical in nature and some are personal stories. Most are emotionally touching in that this disease is a family disease that changes the lives of each person interacting with the individual diagnosed with AD.While most of these books have value, few in my opinion deliver the message of love, devotion and devastation as powerfully as "I Still Do: Loving and Living With Alzheimer's," by Judith Fox.

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Can Anethetics Push a Senior Over the Edge Into Dementia?

Dear Carol: My mom, 83, went into the hospital to have a cancerous growth removed from her colon. Now, she seems to be having mental issues she never had before. She is paranoid and forgetful. I thought this would get better as she got her strength back, but she seems as bad as when she came home. What could have happened? – Chris

Dear Chris: Unfortunately, this is not as uncommon as we’d like to think. Sometimes surgery is necessary for a person your mom’s age, but it has greater risks...

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Holiday Celebrating Can Be Wearing When You Are a Caregiver

Staff writer for   mycarecommunity, Meredith Bailey, interviewed Linda Abbit, founder of www.tenderlovingeldercare, and me for a holiday article. Abbit and I both realize the challenges of balancing the "merry" holiday season with the reality of elder care, and in my case, Christmas deaths. When you are raising children and caring for elders at the same time, the holidays can become more of a juggling act than you ever imagined possible. Check out Bailey's article "Caregiving During a Season of Cheer."

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