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Friday, August 12, 2011


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How wonderful! I'm happy for you. There are many families that will never have the time or ability to do this, but I remember trips with my parents and grandparents with great pleasure. I'm so happy you were able to make it work.

Great article! My husband, our son, and I traveled with my parents from the time my husband was six months old through the summer after my son completed fourth grade. We were getting ready to stay with them the next summer when my mother passed away.

We were fortunate that my parents had a timeshare they traded for timeshares in other parts of the country. When we traveled, the three of us stayed in two bedroom apartments.

Yes, three generation travel takes a little work and compromise, but it is so worth it! My son knew my parents and they knew him. Even though they lived in another state, we saw them several times a year; more than we saw my in state in-laws.

Both of my parents are gone now, and I am so thankful that we spent all the time with them that we could. Our memories of our trips will them will last a lifetime.

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