Nursing homes: consistent assignment of caregivers important
Families need to communicate to plan for aging loved one's eventual care

Stephen Ministers can help with grief support

Dear Carol: My mom has multiple sclerosis and Dad took care of her for years. Eventually, she had to go into a nursing home, but it was near their apartment and Dad remained a dedicated caregiver. Things went well until Dad died of a sudden heart attack. Since there was no one left for mom, and the three of us kids live in different towns, we decided to move mom to a very nice nursing home near me, the oldest daughter. Mom is so devastated by Dad’s death that she doesn’t care about anything, including the move. Her doctor here has her on an antidepressant which doesn’t seem to do much. She’s a very devoted Christian and just wants to “join” Dad. How can I help her live a better quality of life? - Freddie

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Thanks, Patrick. Your own blog tells the story well. I'm glad I could add some information that could help. Keep up the good work.

Wow! Did this strike home. Approaching my 22nd year of MS spouse caregiving, the last 7 years with my wife in a care facility, this is something I dread. Like the 'dedicated' caregiver referenced I do not think I'm all that unusual living nearby and including my wife in outings and preparing, transferring her and tucking her into bed myself 4 - 5 nights a week. Time, companionship and experience is tough to replace.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

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