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Long-term care ombudsman can help with transitions

Dear Carol: My mother has been in assisted living for several years. Now, her health is deteriorating and her assets have dwindled to almost nothing. I’m afraid moving her to a nursing home is the only choice. I’m not sure how to go about the change, or when to do this. The financial aspects worry me. Where do I start? Michael

Dear Michael: One of the best resources for information about transferring a resident from one type of facility to another is the long-term care ombudsman for your community. Besides advocating for people who are unhappy with nursing home or other long-term care, the long-term care ombudsman can help with transitional situations such as your issue with your mother. 

Read more about how LTC ombudsman can help with nursing home transitions:

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Yes. The ombudsman is your representative through a government agency. You don't pay for their help. They are there to serve you.
The other positions you mention, as well as "geriatric care managers" are people who can be very helpful in getting you through all kinds of care but you need to hire them.

Is there any difference between an LTC ombudsman, a nurse navigator, and an elder care specialist?

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