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Downsizing for a Move to Assisted Living

Making Assisted Living Feel Like Home

...Start by understanding that while your parent or parents move to assisted living may seem very positive to you since you see the fresh start, the handy, nutritious meals and the social activities as positive motivations, this move represents significant loss for your parents. Even if they are leaving an older, deteriorating home for a sparkling new assisted living facility, they are leaving behind a good deal of their past.

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But my grandpa is happy being in an Assisted Living facility. He stays in California and he loves engaging in social activities there.

This is so very true. When it is time for your parents to make that transition into an assisted living facility, it is absolutely terrifying for them. Doing so means they have to leave the life they have made for themselves for however many years. They are also afraid to admit to themselves that they are in a different (and older) stage in their life where they might not be able to care for themselves completely. Change always feels bad to the person having to go through it. It is just our body's natural response, so why not make it easier on our parents. Thanks for the great ideas on how to make an assisted living facility feel like home.

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