Caregiver Worries She’s Not Doing Enough
More Evidence Shows Chronic Stress Increases Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregiver Anxiety Can Be Contagious

...While extreme cases of anxiety may call for the expertise of a medical professional, there are steps that caregivers can take to lower their own anxiety levels, which in turn may help lower the anxiety level of the person they are caring for. Try some of these steps to help unravel the knot of anxiety:

Read more about caregiver anxiety and how it can affect the care receiver:

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Being a caregiver is very stressful, as we all know. It can have negative effects on all parties involved if the caregiver does not take time for themselves. Thanks for your great tips on reducing anxiety and stress in our lives. They can be useful even to those people who are not caregivers and are just looking to reduce some stress in their lives. Everyone has to remember to take time for themselves, no matter how hectic the schedule and pressing the task are to complete. Thanks!

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