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Coping with Criticism from the Person You Care For

Caregivers frequently turn their lives inside out in order to care for their loved ones in decline. I know, because I've done it. The number of elders who depended on my help increased throughout the years, to a total of seven, though the most I cared for at one time was five. I also had two children and work part time writing as a freelancer.  Each care situation was different. I started with an aged neighbor, then moved on to a childless aunt and uncle, my in-laws and eventually my parents. All of them appreciated me. However they each had moments when, because of their own misery, they’d lash out at me in some way.

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Thanks for sharing the informative articles. Caregiving, while very rewarding, is also very stressful, for both parties involved. The people you are caring for are also stressed and lash out due to multiple reasons. They can often have been very independent and sometimes regret they can no longer care for themselves completely, are picking up on your stress, and many other reasons.

With those that are suffering from Alzheimer's, dementia, or other memory issues it can be even worse. They lash out are often nasty about it because they know they are not functioning properly and are frustrated, among other things. Thanks for sharing the article on how to cope when things get tough.

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