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Unearned Guilt Intrinsic to Most Caregiving

If ever there’s a group of people who suffer deeply from unearned guilt it’s caregivers. Whether you’re the parent of a vulnerable adult, an adult child of aging parents or the spouse of a vulnerable adult, you are bound to have your “if only” times where you are sucked into the quicksand of guilt. The reality is that most things you could have done differently wouldn’t have made a huge difference overall. Even if another approach would have made a difference, you can’t go back. Staying mired in guilt is counterproductive for you as well as your care receiver.


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I love the title of your book. I can't help but think that a large portion of our society first feels that they are forgotten, then they forget.

In my new book, Forgotten Sundays, I explore this concept. If you or your readers would like to take a look you can find it on Amazon at

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