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Blood Pressure Medication May Have Application for Alzheimer’s

Exercise May Prevent Alzheimer's Because of Protein Produce by Effort

Scientists have long accepted that endurance exercise can often improve cognitive function, especially in older people. While there is significant work ahead to develop a stable form of irisin that could be developed into a drug and then tested on humans, these scientists feel that their discovery sheds light on why endurance exercise monitored in studies shows cognitive benefits.


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Good for you! You are being proactive, which we all should be. People with a family history need to be even more alert.

Yes, I was in to see my gerontologist yesterday (to volunteer for Alzheimer's research projects) and he told exercise is the best forms of prevention.

I'm 58 and am in process of getting baseline information on my current state of health so my progression into the disease (should I get it) may be tracked and perhaps prove useful to science one day.

About my first tests here: http://www.myalzheimersstory.com/2014/02/22/i-remember-today-will-alzheimers-stop-me-remembering-tomorrow/

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