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Sexual Attraction and Love in Later Years

Recently, I received a question from a reader whose mother, in her late 70s, is in love with a man who just turned 80. The reader wondered what I thought about this situation, because she frankly, as she put it, found it "creepy." While I am aware that readers on this site have had some issues with inappropriate sexual behavior when an elder has dementia - something quite common, actually, and often very hard to cope with - this woman's question was about her mother and her mother's gentleman friend, neither of whom show any signs of dementia. She wondered if this couple should or should not "be allowed" to act on their love and sexual needs.

Read more on HealthCentral about sex and elders:

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Thanks for bringing this up, Richard. The movie has gotten raves!


There's a great movie on the subject: Away from Her, with Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent --


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