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Dear Carol: My mother has lived with me for two years. She has mid-stage Alzheimer’s and is becoming harder to care for, but that I can live with. The problem is she thinks I’m crabby when I contradict her and she says she doesn’t want to live with me anymore.

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Hi Pat. I was forced to move with my husband who was at the beginning stages of Alzheimer's due to a job change. I was very scared it would have a negative effect on him.

It was confusing for him at first, but not awful. After a short period he adjusted, and I think he even seemed a little better due to the cognitive challenge of navigating a new home and different neighborhood.

Everyone is unique, but it will never be a better time to move, and safety if very important. Not to mention easing your burden will mean more than you could imagine in the time to come.

In my mind, this is the time to do it, Pat. She may be set back a bit, but with time she could recover what she lost. Either way, it sounds as if a move is a good idea, so sooner is better than later.
Best of luck with this.

How about moving an elder who is just beginning to have some mental confusion? I am in the process of buying a condo for my mother and I to move into and I've started to wonder how she may be impacted by this. In my mind, the move is necessary because we live in a high-crime area and she's home alone during the day. Plus, it would relieve some of the work from my plate to be in a condo versus an older single home.

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