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Even though I’ve handled caring for multiple elders’ situations reasonably well, there have been times when I’ve wondered how much longer I could keep it up. Read more →

With people living longer in assisted living and nursing homes, more romances among elders are blossoming. Just what does the home allow these folks to do? How intimate can they get without getting into trouble with administration and families? What are their rights as adults? Read more →

Not surprisingly, the greatest improvement of nutritional status and depressive symptoms were among those in the group that received individualized intervention. Read more →

While there are people who aren’t cut out to be caregivers, most who take on the challenge do the best that they can under their unique circumstances. Yet, they often receive criticism, sadly even from other caregivers. Read more →

For caregivers, migraines can be especially debilitating. Normal routines for sleep, meals, and other activities often fall by the wayside, which can contribute to one of these painful attacks. Read more →

I’ve never enjoyed games. I am, however, rarely without two or three books, including fiction and non-fiction, by my side. Therefore, I’ve was personally gratified Read more →

I'd hazard a guess that the most painful decision for most of us to make is whether or not it's in our loved one's best interests to place him or her in a nursing home. If it is also in our best interest, then the guilt looms even larger. Read more →

Even stopping treatment that is meant to cure a disease when the person is past the stage when that treatment will help makes sense. What doesn’t make sense to me is when hospice won’t give food or even liquids. Aren’t people hungry? Isn’t this causing death? Ronny Read more →

Using respect as the basic foundation of our communication, we then need to learn not to argue with our loved one. People with dementia aren’t being stubborn or forgetful on purpose. Read more →