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Comfort4Dear Carol: I’m certain that my 76-year-old neighbor, a good friend of mine, has dementia. She forgets what day it is, what groceries she needs, and she seems terribly confused when she has to plan anything. Sometimes she seems frightened because of her confusion. I’ve contacted her grown children who live out of town to let them know what I see, but when they come to visit she perks up and seems fine so they think I’m just the nosey neighbor. I've suggested that they ask her to bake something where she has to follow a recipe or give her a list of a few things to get at the store and see if she can follow through. That way they’d have some reference points. I've also told them that I feel that she’d feel safer in an assisted living environment, or at least with in-home caregivers. I don’t think she’d resist a change if her kids would encourage her. What else can I do to convince the adult children that their mom needs help? FC

Read full column on Inforum about a woman who wants to help her friend get more help:

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