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Spouse Continues Unhealthy Lifestyle Even After Diabetes Diagnosis

Dear Carol: My husband has Type 2 diabetes and refuses to take care of himself. He’s overweight and is haphazard about taking his medications. He eats what he wants without a thought toward his disease. I try to cook healthy meals aimed at his needs but he complains and wants his old favorites. I try to get him to go for walks so that he gets some exercise but he’s always got an excuse. Read more →

6 New Approaches to Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Since the definitive diagnosis for Alzheimer’s is still by autopsy, a vital step toward stopping Alzheimer’s is to develop new tests that can diagnose AD while people are alive. Following are some newer methods for detection that scientists hope will help move diagnosis forward. Read more →

How To Help Older People Live With Vision Problems

Losing eyesight is often so subtle, it may not be apparent to those whose vision is getting worse. This is where caregivers can come in. Look out for these symptoms of vision loss: Read more →

Each year in January, Glaucoma Awareness Month is observed and the National Eye Institute (NEI) National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) continues educating to the adult population on the topic of glaucoma and eye health to avoid blindness. Read more →

Can Fish Oil Preserve Brain Function and Improve Memory?

The findings attributed to fish oil supplements were not observed in people who carry the best-studied genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease known as APOE-4. These gene carriers are at an increased risk for younger onset Alzheimer’s. Read more →

Aging Eyes May Play a Role in Several Diseases

What we may not realize is that during our eye exams, our doctors have been doing more than deciding on the prescription we need for our glasses or contacts. They’ve been looking for signs of health problems, as well. Signs of diabetes and cardiovascular disease can be seen during an eye exam, and recently studies in France and Australia have found that eye doctors can be trained to spot early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Read more →

Since many people see their optometrist for new eye glass prescriptions more often than they see their family doctor, this test could be on the front line of Alzheimer’s detection. It’s simple, painless and relatively inexpensive. Read more →

Ears, Eye and Dental Health Checkups Difficult with Dementia

Hearing tests are a similar issue to eye tests. How is a person who doesn't understand directions supposed to figure out a way to respond to hearing tests? I know there are some eye and hearing tests used for infants, but this is not a route suggested to me by any doctors. Read more →

Cataract Surgery Improves Mood, Cognition in People with Dementia

After reading a report – the first of its kind – on how cataract surgery can benefit people with Alzheimer’s disease, I wrestled with some personal, if unfounded, guilt. My dad didn’t have AD, but he did have dementia induced by a failed brain surgery. Read more →