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Be proactive. Limiting stress may not completely protect you from the disease that you dread, but it can help your overall health and, for some diseases, this could help you avoid a trigger. Where do you start? Read more →

People with mild dementia will decline more quickly into severe dementia if they also suffer from apathy, therefore engaging, stimulating activities are especially vital to this group. Read more →

I’ve never enjoyed games. I am, however, rarely without two or three books, including fiction and non-fiction, by my side. Therefore, I’ve was personally gratified Read more →

Although there’s a long way to go before Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia are well understood, studies have shown that keeping the body and brain active throughout life may offer some protection. Happily, it’s not all work. Hobbies can be healthy. Read more →

Personally, I’m in agreement with all of Koko’s ideas for self-care including the use of spiritual practices. Read more →

My dad had dementia brought on by a failed brain surgery meant to help stave off effects of a World War II brain injury. During his ten years of dementia, DVDs were not readily available, but CDs were. I bought so many CDs that I swear I kept websites that offered big band music in business during those years. It was worth every penny I spent. Read more →

Nearly all of us know that if we don’t use our muscles as we age, we’ll lose muscle mass. The same theory seems to hold true when it comes to keeping our minds sharp. Read more →

Reversing Alzheimer’s: Non-drug Approach Shows Promise

A small study at UCLA has shown evidence that a strict protocol concentrating on lifestyle changes can reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms. We frequently hear about some promising new potential drug breakthrough, yet there is at this time no medical cure and it’s not likely that there will be one anytime soon. Thus the interest in exercise, diet, vitamin and herbal remedies, and brain exercise. Read more →

Healthy Aging and World Alzheimer’s Month Good Pairing for September

Since the theme for World Alzheimer's Month 2014 is ‘Dementia: Can we reduce the risk?', with the focus on healthy lifestyles, that plays right in to September as Healthy Aging Month. Read more →