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Your intention isn’t to take over their lives but you genuinely want to start the conversation about possible future changes. How do you do this without causing a backlash? Read more →

Hospice care freed my parents from their all consuming pain, allowing them to focus on living their lives during the time they had left. Read more →

f we could control events, most of us would never want our elders to be so sick that they need the care of a nursing home, especially homes that are still operating in the dark ages, as some of them still are. Read more →

Dear Carol: I’ve hired an in-home care agency to have a caregiver spend six hours a day with my mother. Mom doesn’t need a lot of care except for bathing, occasional bathroom issues, supervision for her meals and pills and some companionship. The caregiver will take Mom out shopping, as well, but this still leaves a lot of time for the hired caregiver to just sit around and talk with Mom, or read if Mom is napping. Read more →

When I see some of the newer mobility aids now in in use, I immediately think, “I wish that had been available for my mom.” My mother was happy enough to have what was available at the time, but her options then were a basic cane and later, a stripped-down walker which I did my best to modify so that she could carry things with her. Fortunately, there are many more choices on the market now. Read more →

Dear Carol: I’m a single woman who was forced into early retirement because of multiple sclerosis. My mother has been a widow for years and I’m her only living child so we’re very close. She recently had two strokes and has residual issues so I had her move in with me. Read more →

Respect Diverse Approaches to Caregiving

Caregiving situations are simply too diverse and complicated for others to pass judgment on the way one family caregiver copes with a situation. It's important to bear in mind that there are certain things not to say to a caregiver. Read more →

"I Want To Go Home" - A Search for Comfort?

Again, this home is a state of mind rather than a building. Even if we could take our loved one to the actual house of his or her childhood, it's not likely that this structure would bring comfort. A sense of comfort comes from being with other human beings who love us and will do what they can to care for us. Read more →

Intergenerational Living: Should You Build Addition for Parents or In-laws?

Intergenerational living can offer pluses for many families, but it's not a situation that people should consider entering into without doing their due diligence, first. Read more →