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How Television News Affects Dementia and Alzheimer's Patients

Most boomers have (or had) parents who were greatly influenced by World War II. It was not different for me. My dad suffered a closed head injury during World War II, while on maneuvers. He was in a coma for weeks. Read more →

Dramatic Documentary Reports On Challenges Faced In Oakland California Emergency Room

Simply and appropriately titled The Waiting Room, the documentary follows dedicated professionals as they struggle to care for a relentless avalanche of suffering individuals. Read more →

Reminiscing Powerful “Drug” for Dementia

Awhile back, I watched a TV broadcast of a tribute to singer/guitarist/songwriter Glen Campbell who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. While the program brought tears to my eyes as I watched Campbell’s wife cue him on appropriate responses, he needed no cue to remember his music. Just watching his eyes brighten and his lips move when the musicians played his hits was enough to show me that his music is as much a part of him as blood and bone. Read more →

Music Soothes Alzheimer's Agitation and Stimulates Memory

The article states that, “…after listening to music some [people with dementia] are clearly more calm, in a better mood and more outgoing than before, which improves the quality of life for both the patient and the caregiver…music has been found to help those with dementia retrieve some memories their caregivers had assumed were lost forever.” Read more →

PBS Airs "Hopeful Aging" This Week

Alzheimer's symptoms can often be managed through compassionate, non-pharmacological methods, or in conjunction with pharmacological methods. In 2010, I reviewed the remarkable book by John Zeisel, Ph.D., titled "I'm Still Here." Read more →

Internet Series “Ruth and Erica” Focuses on Family Dynamics and Alzheimer’s

“Ruth & Erica” launched this week on the YouTube Internet channel WIGS, which, according to the press release, is now the most popular channel for scripted drama on YouTube. The show portrays the dynamics of a family facing the challenges that often accompany aging and ill health. Read more →

Dr. Travis Stork interviewed about obesity and fitness

Dear Readers: Do you or a loved one use age as an excuse to not bother with taking off weight? In a recent phone interview with Dr. Travis Stork of the television talk show “The Doctors,” I asked how we can encourage our aging loved ones to lose weight and exercise when they say it’s too late to do much good. Read more →

PBS documentary shows Alzheimer’s from a unique perspective

When Scott Kirschenbaum, who has long been an activist for elders, met Lee Gorewitz, something compelling happened. Kirschenbaum felt drawn to the still dynamic resident of Traditions Unit, a care facility for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Their meeting, combined with Kirschenbaum’s need to show the world what the life of one person who has Alzheimer’s is like, resulted in the PBS documentary “You’re Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don’t.” Read more →

Dr. Travis Stork from “The Doctors” talks about heart health, with tips for caregivers

February is Heart Health Month. With this in mind, Dr. Travis Stork, co-host of the award winning talk show The Doctors, generously donated some time for a small conference call that allowed four writers to ask specific questions about heart health. Dr. Stork is a practicing ER doctor and faculty physician in the emergency department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. Read more →

Pat Summitt interview on ABC News' 20/20 airs tonight

Basketball legend Pat Summitt reported her Alzheimer's diagnosis last August to the public nearly as soon as she herself knew she had the disease. Summitt, who has 1,000+ career wins,15 SEC championships, 8 national championships and an unrelenting, competitive spirit, has treated her diagnosis as another challenge. Read more →