...While my sons didn’t find the prospect of my death fun to talk about, they dutifully listened to the details of the plan I had created and where they could find these important papers should they need them. Regardless of who wishes to avoid end-of-life conversations, they must take place. Read more →

...Sometimes the difficult dynamics between a caregiver and a care recipient have been deeply ingrained for many years. If your elderly parent or spouse has always been the dominating personality in your relationship, Read more →

...As family caregivers, we take on the expectations of our culture, our religion, our family. And then we take on the expectations of our toughest critic: ourselves. Negative thinking can easily become a damaging Read more →

Dear TL: This is so hard because you know that your mom would be humiliated if she had the ability to understand this change. I'm sorry for you both. As for why this happens, yes, some people attribute it to repressed feelings finally coming out, but that isn’t necessarily the case... Read more →

...I’m certain that your mom doesn’t have any idea that her grief, her anger, and her stress over what happened is showing through in a way that it could negatively impact your dad, but you are entirely right. Read more →