...A time I remember well was an instance when he was alert and happy as could be. This should have been a positive thing, but in that mode, he was loudly having a conversation with someone who was not there, in Spanish, his second language. He was Read more →

...The choice to place an older adult in a care facility might be the most difficult decision of all. I’ve had to make this decision five times and it was never easy, even though my location thankfully has some excellent care homes Read more →

...What would you want your obituary to convey? That you were a great attorney? A terrific CNA? Of course you'd want your work accomplishments mentioned in your obituary, along with awards and praise. But I believe that you'd also want people to know that you were Read more →

...Old sibling dynamics can bubble up and make parent care a divisive family issue rather than a collaborative one. Caregivers must honestly ask themselves if they have truly made an effort to include their sibling(s). Has a family conference been requested? Have requests been made for help with specific tasks Read more →

Dear EK: This is common behavior for someone with advanced dementia, but it’s one of the many situations where caregivers can feel helpless. We don’t want to see a person whom we love distressed, and we view the idea that they are seeing their deceased parents as distressing. Sometimes, though, they find it comforting, so read on. Read more →