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How do we beat this feeling of holiday blues so that we can get through the next few weeks? We accept our attitude as valid. We may wish circumstances were different than they are, but if our reality is that we feel blue or even depressed rather than cheerful, well that is how we feel. No need for guilt or explanations... Read more →

Dear OC: I’m sorry about your husband’s stroke. This was a life-altering event for your whole family which would have been a hard adjustment during normal times. With the necessary changes that COVID-19 has placed on interacting with others but particularly older and other vulnerable people, your life has changed even more dramatically. Read more →

The goal is to determine each other’s strengths and maximize them to create a care plan that divvies up responsibilities more evenly. Will everything work out equally? Not a chance. But the hope is that the primary caregiver will no longer be responsible for every little thing their parents need. You’ll want to... Read more →