...Even taking that into consideration, caregiving is more of an art than a science. Yes, we look for information and input from trained experts, but each day and each circumstance will require flexibility on our part, and we’ll often be making split-second decisions. Again, we do our best Read more →

...Dear PF: Distance makes keeping track of your parents’ health harder, but barring dementia, they get to choose where they live. Remember that they likely understand that eventually, they’ll need assistance. Before discussing your worries Read more →

...What to do? As with most dementia-related challenges, there are no miracles, and what works one day may not the next. However, there are some things that you can try. Most of these tips stem from increased knowledge about what can trigger rebellion in a person living with dementia. Let’s take a look. Read more →

...One thing to consider is that your mom may forget where the bathroom is and she most likely can’t find the words to express this. Putting a sign on the bathroom door, and another on the wall next to the door, might help. While the word “toilet” could be used, an image may be better. You can draw Read more →

...A time I remember well was an instance when he was alert and happy as could be. This should have been a positive thing, but in that mode, he was loudly having a conversation with someone who was not there, in Spanish, his second language. He was Read more →