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All Kinds of Dementia

The thought process today has been on all the types of dementia - likely because I am planning my blogs for I recently reviewed two books, that I'll talk about here, in future blogs. One man's dad had Alzheimer's disease and the other one's mother had multi-infarct dementia.

My dad's dementia was a result of a WWII brain injury, and surgery late in life that should have helped, but left him a different man. My mother's dementia was of the more common memory type known as senile dementia when I was young. My uncle's dementia was from strokes. All of them are in stories I wrote for Minding Our Elders.

I'll talk of all of these dementias in future blogs and also review these excellent books. Meanwhile, I'm still working on getting this blog optimized and making it a finished product. Upward and onward, dear friends!


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I need a list if you can provide that....


Can you give me all the kinds of diseases leading up to dementia. I will really like that..

Thank you and have a nice day.

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