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Dementia: As I Sit Blogging...

Blogging about blogging. I've read about that, but I find it interesting to be doing it. I blog for www.ouralzheimers.com twice a week. As I was formulating, in my mind, the blogs for next week, I actually came up with blogs for four weeks. About dementia.

Standard approaches to dealing with people with dementia tend to be to distract, re-direct them, or get into their world. In my dementia blogs, I will be telling of four of my family members, each with a different dementia. I'll be doing the same here, eventually.

But, for now, I will direct those of you who are interested, to the blogs which will appear on www.ouralzheimers.com during the next two weeks. They will be the stories of my mom and her "organic brain disease," my dad and his brain injury, my uncle and his stroke and my mother-in-law and her paranoia. Watch this blog, as well, since dementia is never far from my mind - Yikes! - I hope it not that close!

Seriously though, for those of us who have witnessed loved ones with dementia - the idea that we may "be there" some day is very scary, indeed.


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