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USATODAY Features Caregiver Stress

You'll find on - Caregivers' health in 'downward spiral' , an interesting story on caregiver stress. It's strange that this is now becoming news. Many of us, who have been caregivers for years, ask "why now?"

We have an aging population - a population that lives longer, though not always in good health. This suggests that many  caregivers are seniors themselves. I hear from caregivers that are very stressed out. My first thought is the "average" caregiver, in her or his late forties. Often, it is a caregiver in their sixth or seventh decade of life that is a spousal caregiver, or is taking care of parents in their nineties. Many times, older caregivers have health  problems of their own. This makes the stress even more threatening to caregiver health.

Caregiver stress seriously affects many younger caregivers, as well. As you will see from the graphic in this story, a huge number suffer from depression, as well as many other ailments.

Check out this excellent article on It's worth your time.


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