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When We Are Both

So many caregivers are seniors. People are living longer. Some are healthy and active, but others are alive because of modern medicine, yet they have developed physical or mental problems from strokes, Alzheimer's disease,  arthritis and other maladies that cause them to need extra care. Spousal caregivers come to mind as examples of both - we are caregivers and seniors.

Others, myself included, are on the leading edge of baby boomers. We are becoming senior citizens ourselves, but are still caring for aging parents. I also hear from people in their seventies who are caring for parents in their nineties.

As I mentioned before, that is why I expanded this blog a bit from my original audience. Many of us are interested in senior information, like what we find at - either for ourselves or for our parents or spouses. So welcome all of you. And please take a moment for the poll on the sidebar of this blog. I'd like for all of us to get a feel for the reading community. Thanks for your time and keep tuned. I'll be adding much more information for all ages.


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I'm glad you took the poll, Bob. I think there will be many in the "both" category. I'm glad to see the results.

Excellent article, Carol. It makes such an important point. Of course, I'm in that group you refer to: folks in or near their 70's caring for a parent in her 90's. Who could have predicted this? A generation ago someone would have been taking care of me—but now (thanks to medical advances) it could be years before my own adult and aging kids will be both seniors and caregivers. At least, I hope so. Times have certainly changed. By the way, I took your poll and checked "both" and find I am in the majority. No surprise but it is interesting to see it quantified like this.

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