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Barnes and Noble Gig Was Fun

We had a nice turn-out for the chat and book signing yesterday at Barnes and Noble in Fargo. It’s always fun to talk with caregivers and share stories. As always, I learned as much from them as they did from me. I advised and encouraged. We all shared.

Each caregiver is different, as is each caregiving situation. With my seven elders, there were huge differences in needs. Those needs, of course, changed daily with each of them. So it’s an evolving process, and support from those who’ve been there is vital to caregiver health – mental and physical.

I was told, early on, with Minding Our Elders, my caregiving support book, that there wasn’t enough interest in the topic. Now, I’m told that I’ve been on the cutting edge. How times change. I am still amazed, however, at how huge the interest is.

Caregivers, whether they are seniors themselves or of the boomer variety, are hungry for information and starving for support. I always feel fulfilled when I can leave a group with a little of each. Their need feeds my sense of mission.

My time at Barnes and Noble gave me another opportunity to connect with readers and that is always a joy.


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I'm a caregiver to my husband and daughter who are both bipolar. I'm also a writer and found this post interesting.

Good for you for sticking with your gut feeling and writing your book before the need was proven. I would think many caregiver books are going to be needed in the near future with the aging baby boomers and so many wounded soldiers coming home from the war.

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