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Employers Assisting In Caregiving Efforts

In the Novemeber 19, 2006 U.S. News &World Report posting you'll find an article by Deborah Kotz on the improvement in cooperation by employers when it comes to elder care.

Titled "Need Help? Ask Your Employer," Kotz tells of welcome news - that more employers are helping their employees with the daunting task of working full-time and caring for an elder's needs. The article begins:

"After persuading her elderly parents to pack up their Florida home and move north, Sandy Karasik now must actually make the transition happen. Her folks might manage fine in an apartment near her home in Glen Mills, Pa.-or maybe the time has come for an assisted-living facility. What's the best way to identify their needs and choose new doctors?"

Unfortunately, all employers aren't "getting it" yet, but at least the word is out, and some are in a helpful mode, if only to keep valued employees from quiting their jobs. Check out "Need Help? Ask Your Employer." It's worth your time.


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