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My Medicare: A Helpful Web Site

As caregivers or seniors, we often end up doing a lot of paperwork. It’s confusing at best. Medicare is one of those areas. Now with Medicare D, it’s even more confusing.

I’ve found that  mymedicare.gov is a helpful page to get through the Medicare maze.

You’ll need to register the elder and wait for a unique password to come. Then you and/or your elder can start entering the personal information that will help keep track of benefits, changes and other information you will need to keep in order.

Even before you have your password,  you will be able to access the Frequently Asked Questions page and you’ll get some pretty good answers. Once the password comes, you start entering information, you’ll be able to:

View claim status (excluding Part D claims)

Order a duplicate Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) or replacement Medicare card

View eligibility, entitlement and preventive services information

View enrollment information including prescription drug plans

View or modify your drug list and pharmacy information

View address of record with Medicare and Part B deductible status

Access online forms, publications and messages sent to you by CMS

I think this site could help sooth a major headache.


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Need Medicare Part B update

Thanks for the comments, Jimmy. I appreciate it. You are right - that's what I get for posting when I'm too tired. I've typed that address so often, I shouldn't make that mistake. I will change it so people aren't confused.

I also like the looks of www.medicareconsumerguide.com and am going to start including it on more of my work. Take care and thanks for checking in. Carol

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