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Nusing Home Abuse: Something to Watch For

Most nursing homes in the part of the United States where I live are very good. Some are better than others. Staffing problems can mean less than optimum care for any of them, at a given time. Still, I believe most are trying their best to deliver good care.

This is likely true other places. But no matter where we are, if we have a vulnerable person in a facility, we need to be alert to signs of abuse and/or neglect. They are counting on us to be their advocate.

There's an article on elder abuse titled "Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Is A Serious Problem" on the Medical Malpractice Law Blog. It begins:

As our population ages and people are living longer lives, more and more people are turning to nursing homes to help with the care of their family members. According to the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Government Reform - "

You may want to give it a read through. It's bound to make you think.


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