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Caregiver's Depression Affecting the Workplace: Time For Employers To Pay Attention

Most statistical reports I've read say that approximately 30% of the caregivers die before those they are caring for. When I use this statistic during my talks, it nearly always gets a gasp. Some of these deaths, and many disabilities (obvious and not so obvious to by-standers) are due to depression.

An article by David Hatton for Business Edge tells the story of how dramatically caregiver depression is affecting the workplace. It would do employers well to try to help these people - caregiver ranks are growing by the day. The "childcare issue" hasn't passed, but the "elder care issue" is very, very now. And it's growing.

"Hatton's article, titled, " Depression causing havoc in the workplace: Employers offer assistance programs to combat problem" tells the story well. Hatton begins:

Helping employees juggle work and family along with other busy parts of their lives is rapidly shaping up to be one of the biggest issues facing employers this year, according to experts.

An estimated half a million Canadian workers experience at least some form of depression, often affecting their ability to think, concentrate and function properly in their jobs, a Statistics Canada survey released earlier this month shows."

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