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Dig Deeper Into Resource for Senior Care

GilbetGuide (I must ask where this name came from) is a terrific resource for seniors and caregivers. I've got the Web site listed among my favorites, on the right column of this blog, because I consider it one of the best.

I went into their "Senior care 101" just to see more of what they offer and found it to be extremely helpful, with many layers of information for those who take time to dig. On this expedition, my intent was to investigate their "Care Planner." This planner helps a senior or caregiver determine what level of care is best for him or her.

To find this planner, I went to "Senior Care 101; Learn the Basics of Senior Care." Then I got caught up in all the intriguing links and forget what I went there for. Kidding!

It's tempting, however, to explore. And I'll be doing more exploring and more reporting on this site as I discover new things and they develop new features. 

For the "Care Planner" look for the little box and click. There you will find "a simple questionnaire to help seniors and caregivers find the best types of care for their unique needs. Take a few minutes to respond to the Care Planner questions. A customized report with detailed recommendations will be emailed to you instantly."

Check out It's worth your time.


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