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Elder Care and Technology Team Up Again

I had just left a comment on my other blog site at Our Alzheimer's for a woman whose dad, an Alzheimer's patient, was opening the door to strangers. Her mother needed some way of knowing when he opened to door to strangers or if he went outside. Wandering is a huge problem with Alzheimer's.

In the cold North Dakota climate, where I live, an elder could wander outside in light clothes and easily freeze to death. Scary stuff.

A story on talks about a device called the "caregiver's third eye." This is a bit spendy, but it could mean better safety for the patient and maybe even some sleep for the caregiver. A story written by Emma Schmautz titled "New device gives caregivers another eye," is well written and worth your time. This device could literally be a life saver.

The story begins:

"James Riley didn't want to send his elderly mother-in-law to a nursing home, but her Alzheimer's disease was proving difficult to handle.Often during the night she would awaken, begin wandering away from her bed and fall because she was disoriented."

Read the full story:


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