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Sibling rivalry and elder care: An explosive combination

When I was writing my book, Minding Our Elders ,I tried my best to interview people with stories as different from one another as possible. Obviously, there would be some common links - that was part of the point. However, I didn't expect to find so many people with sibling problems. Some of the issues were just annoyances. But some were serious. Many of them stemmed from childhood - the "Mom always loved you best" thing.

Associated Press writer Carla K. Johnson has a story on Yahoo News that is right up this alley. Titled "Eldercare Choices Revive Sibling Fights," the story describes many of the issues that adult siblings find surfacing during the time they begin to care for their parents.

The story begins:

"The tension rose as Richard Aylward and his two sisters sorted their mother's possessions into four piles: to keep, to donate, to throw out and to move with her into an assisted living facility. He was annoyed that his sisters wanted to reminisce about every photo and book. He wanted to hurry up and finish the job."

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