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Another Option For Preserving Precious Family History

A group called the Association of Personal Historians  has, as its primary mission, the goal of helping people perserve their life stories.  There are two members of this group here in North Dakota.  Sherri Huett has The Memory Preserve  in Bismarck, ND and Barb Pates has Yellow-Brick Productions , in Fargo, ND.

Since Fargo is on the Red River that divides North Dakota from Minnesota, I'm sure Barb can easily help many Minnesotans. Both Sherri and Barb work in the video/audio format to help people tell their stories by combining video, still pictures with movement and audio interviews into a story fomat.The main Web site at has a place to type in your town and zip code, so you will be able to find someone close to home, no matter where you live.

This sounds like a terrific way to make an elder realize his or her value to your family and to history. What a gift!


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