Must Read Article on Elder Abuse
Culture Clash Between "Young" Elders and Older Folks

CBS Sandwich Generation Story

Television news seems to be getting it. I was shrugged off for so many years (decades) as I tried to push the importance of emerging elder care issues. People were bored with these tales of woe.  I cared for seven elders for over two decades, wrote a book chronicling my experiences and the experiences of 20 other family caregivers. Now the issue is everywhere, even TV. has, on their site, "Boomers Caught In Caregiving Squeeze." it's a good read.

The story begins:

"(CBS) LANCASTER, Calif. Maryann Winchell can't slow down for a minute – driving to her parents' home, shuttling them to the doctor, taking them to the pharmacy – getting them back home.

"Every day, I'm there," Maryann says. 'Some days I'm there four hours; some days I'm there all day.'"

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