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Green House Project Dream For Elder Care

Lori Deschene, of GilbertGuide, has commented on one of my posts. I went to the post she suggested on the Green House Project and was blown away. This is a dream! Our "culture clash" between older seniors who want more traditional settings and younger seniors who want gyms and coffee bars (and, perhaps, different music???), is going to become a very large issue for facilities. Lori's post tells what the Green House Project is. I'm so excited I can hardly type - oh, that's normal for me - well, I'm excited. Please take time to read Lori's Post titled "The Green House Project: Not Just a Home—YOUR Home." It begins:

"'I just don’t want to have to eat cat food.' My mother likes to joke about this statement, which my grandmother made many years back, but it’s a valid fear. While the odds of her finding the only affordable form of nutrition in tiny, tuna-sized cans are slim, there’s something else going on here that’s bigger than her cat food phobia. Underneath the words is the sentiment that she doesn’t want to lower her standards or quality of life. No one should have to—and the innovators at the forefront of the Green House Project believe this 100 percent."

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Hey, thanks for the pointer, I am looking forward to checking it out!

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