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Senior Organizer One of Best I've Seen

Wow! That honestly was my first impression when I opened "The Senior Organizer," a book put together by Debby S. Bitticks, Lynn Benson and Dorothy K. Breininger. The quality paperback is titled "The Senior Organizer: Organizing for a better quality of life."

The Senior Organizer offers space for the usual subjects like medications, pharmacy and emergency contacts, but also offers categories most other organizers don't, such as personal grooming and sizes, pet care and debit information. The print is nice and large, there's plenty of space to write, it's well organized by category, and, for a change, it's not intimidating.

We are being inundated with these organizers, both computer and print. That's a good thing, since we all have our preferences. Computer programs often offer the most flexibility, but many aren't user friendly, or, even if they are, many seniors aren't comfortable having everything on a computer. Some books and pamphlets are kind of scary and you put off getting started. This just says, to me, "do it!"

Published by Health Communications, Inc., the organizer sells for $16.95. Click below to get an inside view.


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Thanks for checking in, Lisa! The perfect organizer would have some system of storage, too. But as books go, this is very good. Maybe a pocket for keys and envelopes? Hard to design perfection, I guess.

I'm always looking for good organizers! As I work with seniors and their families as they prepare to move, and I inundate them with even more papers, those organizers come in handy!

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