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I've been working with local Minnesota State University Moorhead students on their caregiving contest. I spoke to a nice group of caregivers, last evening, due to their efforts. These students did an amazing job of gathering together caregivers and getting publicity (even television) for it. I applaud their efforts.

Fellow students, from the University of Oregon, have noted my caregiving site and asked if I could publicize their efforts, as well. I'm happy to do that. I'm thrilled to see young people spreading the word to caregivers that help is available. I do believe the students are learning more than PR.

This is part of the note I received for the University of Oregon students.

"Family Caregiving…it's not all up to you( ) is a new Web site that provides resources and encouragement to caregivers and their families.  As a University of Oregon student representing FC101 in Lane County, my aim is to raise awareness of family caregiving and help caregivers to understand that they are not alone.  I believe that you share this goal and that your readers would benefit from this resource.  I would be grateful if you would visit our website at and consider posting it in the "Links" section of your website.  Thank you for your time."

If you have a moment, click on their link to this great site.


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