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Health Site Talks About Nursing Home "Tests"

On the site Personal Health 101 - Notes for Recovery, Paul Barrs discusses "5 Myths You Should Know Before Choosing Elder Care."

Paul Barrs, one of Australia's top home business trainers has been forced into 'temporary retirement' due to ongoing illness. He and his friends write this blog to help others. The post on these "5 Myths" caught my eye.

The post begins:

"Myths associated with selecting quality nursing elder-care-home.html home care suggest quick and easy ways to identify quality care. In fact, relying on these myths can lead to disastrous results. I have identified a few of the most common myths in hopes of helping you avoid some of the problems commonly found in many nursing elder-care-home.html homes.

1. The Smell Test

You've heard it repeatedly: 'The best way to determine the quality of care a nursing elder-care-home.html home provides is to be alert to bad odors when you visit the elder-care-home.html home.'"

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