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Long-term Care Insurance - How Good Is The Policy?

The New York Times is running a series on issues facing the aging population. Charles Duhigg wrote one on long-term care insurance that will make you angry and break your heart. Titled "Aged, Frail and Denied Care by Their Insurers" It truly is upsetting, but it's a good picture of what the older long-term care policies were about.

Newer policies are better (in general), and long-term care insurance is even encouraged by the government. But be careful. Check out the company well. Call your state Insurance Commissioner and ask about the company. Perhaps you should even ask an attorney. A good policy can prove very useful. A bad policy is little more than a scam.

Read the article:


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Thanks so much for the response! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. I liked your suggestion so much that I'll post a link to the article with a fresh blog, so more people will see it. I appreciate the heads-up on this article.

I love your blog. And I appreciate your comment on the NY Times article.

The NY Times article highlights two insurers that have had a large portion of the complaints in the long term care insurance industry. According to the Times, these two insurers have 30 times as many complaints (proportionately) as some of the leading long term care insurers.

The message of the article is NOT that the long term care insurance industry has failed. The long term care insurance industry, as a whole, has paid, and continues to pay, billions of dollars in long term care claims each year.

Here's an interesting reply to this article that should be of interest to most:


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