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Exercise for Boomers and Seniors

My favorite sport is reading. My favorite TV channel is "off." Hey! What can I say? I'm boring. I also have  arthritis. It's genetic. So why an I treating you to this irrelevant (to you) information? In short, I feel the need to explain why I crawled off my couch and followed the on-screen workout of a professional wrestler.

Yep. That's what I did. I tried out a couple of yoga videos designed by pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. Page has produced YRG - Yoga For Regular Guys and, maybe more relevant here, YRG Fountain of Youth and YRG 50+ Large And In Charge. I've got to say I'm impressed.

I've done my own version of yoga off and on since the early seventies.It seemed that when yoga became main stream, I lost interest. Kind of how I am.

Anyway, I was starting to feel stiff and not liking it. Despite arthritis, I've always been kind of a pretzel. A good gene found its way into the mix, I guess. As age increased, and arthritis continued to be a problem, I knew I had to get back to my routine or live with more pain, and lose my flexibility , as well.

I'd been pretty good for several months, when I received the YRG with DDP set to sample.

Looking at a photo of this large man, who has made a career out of brawling on stage with even large men, didn't really sell me. However, I did listen to an interview disk and it truly touched me. DDP had a tough beginning, but he didn't let blame stop him from growing as a person. And when he was injured and faced losing his ability to perform, he found a way to heal and - literally - get back into the ring.

I've incorporated several moves from the YRG program into my routine, but the most important thing I gained from DDP was the importance of breathing right. I've read that before. I've been told that before. But for some reason, he convinced me that breathing right while doing yoga - or any exercise - truly is important. Thanks, DDP!

You may enjoy a trip to the DDP store.


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