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Elder Care Experts Gather for Teleseminar

"Our Aging Loved Ones," which you can learn more about by clicking on the icon along the left margin, has been a long time in coming. I believe it is worth the wait. Cindi Dawson produced the product. I was honored to be asked to participate. Cindi interviewed 12 top names in elder care and put together this product. She hopes it will help anyone wanting to plan for the inevitable day when elder care becomes part of his or her life, or help someone already involved in it.

I'm particularly excited about the prospect of getting this out to businesses, as I think it's a cost effective way for them to help answer their employee's questions about eldercare. The CD is 14 hours long, and the package includes transcripts of the seminars. This helps if you want to take notes as you listen.

What a great way to spend some winter brownbag sessions!

Whether your issue is finances, dementia, nuts and bolts caregiving or caring for the caregiver, you'll find "Our Aging Loved Ones" provides a ton of information that will help you navigate the waters of elder care. It doesn't cost a thing to look, and you can download a free "sample" from the site.


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I think that caregivers can really benefit from talking to experts, and hopefully advances like this one can help in the future - Kate from The Health Desk at

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