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Elder Abuse: Stop It

Today, June 15, 2007 is the second World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Stay aware, when you have someone in a facility or with home caregivers. Most are doing a good job. Some are excellent. Some are not. An elder in a facility or at home with a caregiver is a vulnerable adult and we must watch out for their welfare.  INPEA (International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse) is working toward making everyone more aware that abuse is a possibility in any setting and it must be stopped. Today is their special awareness day. Celebrate the awareness with them.Inpea_logo2007blue_sm

Logo courtesy of IPEA


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GREAT site and articles! Many thanks!!!

Elder abuse comes in many forms including causing divisive difficulties to steal their estate.

We have just brought up and would welcome your comments.

Please be sure to see the About Steal an Estate comment in the upper right hand corner.

Kudos to you for your terrific blog, as well, Jack. We have the same goal in mind.

It is great that there is a special day for this horrible blight on our society called elder abuse. Unlike the abuse of children, elder abuse goes largely untedetected. It is very important that we be aware that as people live longer, this problem will only worsen.

Let us remain vigilant and committed to ending elder abuse.

Thank you for your great blog!

Best wishes,


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