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Every time I hear "Role Reversal" I'm taken back to the original title for Minding Our Elders. I had that as a working title and decided that I have some issues with the use of role reversal, even though it's a quick fix/catchy title (like parenting your parents). However we live in a sound bite world, and role reversal says a lot in a few words.

ABC News and USA Today have teamed up for a blockbuster series titled "Role Reversal," which discusses many aspects of boomers caring for their parents. Funny, a few years ago, I was told no one was interested in the subject - that after I'd spent two decades caring for seven elders. Now, it seems, everyone is interested. NBC News did a series awhile back.

Anyway, this too, looks like a terrifc source for caregiving information. Go to usatoday.com and check it out. If you are watching TV, you'll want to catch the ABC News series, and/or go to their site.

Here's to learning all we can about this important subject.


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